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Qi of Life


Qigong:  Life Energy Cultivation


Harnessing the treasures of many cultures to empower you in your own self discovery and healing


QiofLifeHealing (at) gmail  (dot) com

(914) 954 -8907

What is Qigong?

Qigong can be utilized for the specific treatment of mood & anxiety disorders, Inflammation, mobility & balance, longevity, memory, pain management, addiction recovery, somatic awareness and a long list of physical and emotional ​benefits (see 'More Info' section)

Dave uses techniques from each of his masters, and from shamanistic practices, to create a unique experience for you: Happy Qigong.

Qigong is a 4000+ year old Chinese Healing Art that Harvard Medical School has referred to as 'Medication in Movement'.  Qigong was an 'ancient secret practice' brought out of secrecy to the US about 40 years ago.


Qigong has been proven to be an effective healing approach, which incorporates gentle movements combined with various breathing, meditative visualizations, and massage to help balance your 


  • wisdom/intuition;

  • loving compassion; and,

  • vitality energy centers in harmony with the heaven and earth. 

Heal with the power of Qi (energy)

About Me

I'm Dave Walant, Medical Qigong Teacher and Healer practitioner.

My passion is to empower others by using the healing power of Qigong, Shamanism, Reiki, and aspects of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

  • I have always believed in the mind-body-spirit and the connection with bio-energetic fields all around us and its powerful benefit in the healing process (starting meditation as a teen).

  • After escaping from the World Trade Center on 9/11, my drive for healing and helping others became more focused and my energy centers became super-charged. 

  • This belief and inspiration led me to Qigong training, teaching, and practice. 

  • My heartfelt desire is to empower and assist others, like you, to 'change your DNA' and to become balanced in Wisdom, Compassion, Vitality. 

  • With Qigong, you can find harmony within your body,aligning with the Earth and the Celestial Universe. 

I use and teach 'Happy Style' Qigong with over 20+ years total trainings from key masters:

  • Master Robert Peng certification in 'Elixir Light' Qigong Teaching; and, Qigong Healing 

  • Gao Han (Master Ken Cohen) student of Qigong Certification Training;

  • Grandmaster Tsu Kuo Shi (5th generation TCM Doctor and Qigong Master) certification in Qigong Therapy, & Qi Healer in early 2000's; and,  

  • Daisy Lee, Roger Jahnke, Master Li Jun Feng & others.


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Energy Medicine Professional Association

Happy Qigong Empowerment Training 

You are provided with appropriate Qigong 'tools' for improved energetic balance of

  • intuition/wisdom

  • compassion, and

  • vitality

Qi Healing

(Yin & Yang


   You receive:

  • YIN - receives non-touch therapeutic energy

  • YANG - receives touch therapeutic energy

  • an increase in bio-energetic fields within the body's meridians



   This approach:

  • utilizes the combined powers of shamanic practices

  • combines with nature's energy to heal

  • integrates with a variation of traditional Reiki & Qigong healing

Remote Healing


   Effective method:

  • special ancient techniques

  • customized exclusively for remote distance healing

  • does NOT require being physically with the client

Group Healing

   Several options available for:

  • a powerful energy healing ritual 

  • bringing in universal energy

  • utilizing mantra, chanting, and visualizations

Group & Private Sessions Available


What my clients say about Happy Qigong healing:

Psychotherapists of clients in recovery

Dave's sessions are wonderful and I feel that we all benefit from them!

I am greatful for your work and for you!

I love the connection the clients have made to their energy!

Private qigong client

I had a great private session with Dave, I'm still feeling at peace.  Lovely!

You were able to zero in on a spot that I have forgotten about that has been bothering me for years.  Great Job!

Group Session Participants

I've never been so relaxed in my life!

Wow (laughing in amazement/delight)

I can feel it! (my body's qi -energy)!!  That's amazing!

Contact Me
Contact Me

Dave Walant - Qi of Life Healing

Located in Ridgefield, CT USA

QiofLifeHealing (at) gmail  (dot) com ||  914 .954 .8907

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More Info

Qigong is gentle, easy to remember, and, with practice, builds stamina, confidence, strength, and balance as well as healing physical and emotional needs.  Qigong is good for beginners as well as those with years of experience.


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